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Brief history
Very old and original breed. 
By the UK probably imported Roman citizens at the interface of old and new era 
Very popular gundog of English monarchs 
In 16th Century was used for hunting so-called "Jumping game" (e.g. hare) 
In 17th Century was depicted in the pictures (only in color black/white and liver/white)
In 1885 was founded Spaniel´s Breeders Club in England 
In 1902 breed was recognized as a separate and in this time was developed first official standard of the breed also 
In 1903 breeders divided into two groups: 
1st. who are working springers (they overlooked for standard and preferred its game properties)
2nd. who are show springers (they tried to approach the standard)  
After the II. W. war very important hunting breed in England
Formation of "modern type of ESS", left also "field trialers"

History at lenght

pedigrees of springer are from database on www.lochindorb.demon.co.uk and pictures are from http://westwingsess.com/

Why is spaniel called the Spaniel? 

What a spaniel cost?
royal: 1£
princess spaniel: 1£
barons: 6 penny
worker´s: 4 penny
We can say, that the Spaniel was very valuable around year 1000 and it could not hold anyone

In 1387 during the reign of Henry IV. Count Gaston de Foix written description of Spaniels and its work, in which it became famous.
Some of the handwriting of Count Gaston de Foix:
"Good falconary dog should have a big head and big body. Its colour should be light, because light coloured dogs are normally the best. Good spaniel´s coat may not be too wire-haired, but the top coat should be firm. The temperament of these dogs should include a big love to their masters and they should follow this master without losing his footprints. They are good to have when hunting water birds, because they swim well and can follow diving birds."



A few important English Springer Spaniels, who have contributed significantly to the development of the breed:
CH.Velox Powder
CH.Little Brand
CH.Rivington Sam- Its mother was registered as cockerspaniel
CH.Rivington Bobstay
CH.Springbok of Ware
CH.Jambok of Ware
CH.Jamson of Ware
Dual CH. Flint of Avendale
Dual CH. Horsford Hetman
CH.Ivenresk Chancellor
CH. Nuthill Dignity
CH. Rufton Recorder

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